Rukkiesdecor is Africa’s leading floral production and design company.
Rukkiesdecor was birthed on 13th September 2019, the goal of rukkiesdecor has always been the same , which is to produce, design, and sell high quality, rare and unique Artificial flowers that can pass for Real flowers at super affordable cost too.

We also transform spaces from zero to 100, you dream and we bring it to reality! Yes your space can be anything you want it to be with us as your design consultant and decor partner.

We have worked with thousands multinational companies, High profile individuals, cooperate organizations, MSMEs and lots more.. and their Testimonies and our good craft speak for us.

We have wholesalers and retailers in many African countries and end users from Europe too.

The world identity with the Rukkiesdecor brand, you should too.
We are waiting for you.

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